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Wisdom Is The Principle Thing

July 5, 2011

In 1 Corinthians it says that Christ came on to us as wisdom first, then righteousness, holiness and redemption.  Jesus as our wisdom is given first importance.  There also is a difference between wisdom and knowledge.  Knowledge leads to pride and arrogance, wisdom leads to being humble and teachable.  Wisdom does not come from age, wisdom purely comes from the grace of God.  So wisdom does not come with experience, rather the wisdom of God comes because generally as we get older we are more likely to be open to receiving!

In our scripture today it says that wisdom is the most important thing, so get it.  It all boils down to this:  promotion and honor all come as a result of receiving Jesus as your wisdom.  Choose the wisdom of Jesus over the wisdom of this world.  My friends, I absolutely guarantee your success if you rely and depend on the wisdom of Jesus versus the wisdom of this world.

Let me tell you that the wisdom of this world does not mix with the wisdom of God.  You have to be willing to rely and trust in God no matter what point you get to.  The wisdom of this world will have you bail and get out and find the easy road to survival.  The wisdom of God says that His timing and placing is always perfect.  Most people are not patient enough to allow the wisdom of God work in their life but when they do, promotion, honor and glory ALWAYS happens.  Sometimes delayed blessings are a test from the Lord to see if you are really willing to rely on Him and His wisdom.  It is not a punishment, it is not correction, it is a test.

When you rely on the wisdom of the Lord, He will open up revelations to you that you will bless you and others tremendously.  Let His wisdom lead you to supernatural success!

Wisdom is the principle thing; therefore get wisdom.  And in all your getting, get understanding.   —   Proverbs 4:7

Promotion and honor all come as a result of receiving Jesus as your wisdom.

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