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Trust God, Not Man Or Self-Effort

June 23, 2011

You hear quite a bit about people who are blessed but you hear even more about people who are cursed and to be honest most of the information that is given about cursed versus non cursed is a bunch of garbage.  So I thought we should look at what the Bible says about cursed versus non cursed.

In the scripture today first and foremost it says that a man who trusts in man and not in the Lord becomes a cursed man.  The scripture also says that a man who makes his flesh his strength is also a cursed man.  Many people hear scriptures talking about flesh and immediately believe it is only talking about the body but when you look at the actual context of the original writings you will come to find out that flesh not only means your body but it also means self-effort.  So, the scripture could read that those who put their trust in man and those who make self-effort their strength will be cursed.  Know anyone like this?  The question is how many people do you know who are not like this?  When you read the full context and what the Bible says it is easy to understand why our world is in so much trouble.

and trust entirely in the Lord’s grace, while the other is to depend on our efforts, and strive and struggle for success.  We can never bring about good success that comes from God by depending on our self-efforts.  No matter how we strive and struggle, we cannot work for our own righteousness or attain our own forgiveness.  Any success that we may achieve is only partial success.

On the other hand, God’s kind of success is complete, whole and permeates into every facet of our lives, spirit, soul and body.  God’s Word says, “The blessing of the Lord makes one rich, and He adds no sorrow with it.”  As I have stated before, the Lord will never bring success at the expense of our marriage, family or health.  Pastor Prince tells his congregation something great; “don’t use all your health to chase after wealth, only to spend all your wealth later to get your health back!  Which man is enjoying prosperity?  A man with a fat bank account but flat on his back with sickness, or one who may not have much in his bank account but is enjoying divine health?

True prosperity and success cannot be measured with how much money you have.  Health and wholeness in your physical body are a part of God’s blessings.  If you are under tremendous stress and have regular panic attacks then it is probably time to seek the Lord’s counsel.  Stress robs you of health, whereas good success from the Lord causes your youth to be renewed.  When you depend on your efforts, you can struggle for many years with minimal return, but friends, God’s ways are higher.  Just a moment of His favor can accelerate your blessings beyond anything you can imagine or ever achieve on your own.  Don’t believe me?  Look at the life of Joseph!

…”Cursed is the man who trusts in man and makes flesh his strength…   —   Jeremiah 17:5

We can never bring about good success that comes from God by depending on our self-efforts.

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