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Blessed To Be A Blessing

June 20, 2011

I have said this a few times but this is one of my favorite devotional days.  I love to be blessed to be a blessing.  My life is one that shows the power of Christ because in my former life I desired to be blessed so I could have more.  However today after my transformation in Christ I desire simply to be blessed so I can bless others.

I have heard countless people say that true Christians should not live of this world, that we should not chase money, that almost having money is wrong.  We should be meek, we should not have because money is the root of all evil.  Ever hear that?  Ever hear the phrase. “money is the root of all evil”?  Well the term is misquoted.  The bible says the following in 1 Timothy, “For the love of money is the root of all things evil.”  Money is not the problem, the love of money is.

Beloved, do not use people and love money.  Use money to love people.  Also answer me this, how can you bless others if you are not blessed first yourself?  The new covenant of grace is everywhere.  You are put in a position to bless people when God first blesses you.  So the ability to bless people still comes down to what God does in your life.  It still is nothing you did, still nothing you deserved or accomplished, you have because God gave to you.  And because you have been given and full of Him, your desire is to give and to bless others.

Sure people can bless others with their talents, giftings and time but money can used to show the love of God.  Money is of the world and not of God and that is why God will give you money so you can use it to love people.  Also let me state that there is nothing wrong with having nice things, living in a nice home, driving a nice car or blessing your spouse, friends or children.  It however is the greed and worshiping of money that is not from God.

Money does not make you rich as there are plenty of people with plenty of money that are very poor.  There are also plenty of people with little to no money that are very rich.  My statement is when you take someone with a heart for the Lord and then bless them with money you get someone who can do some tremendous work for the kingdom.  Blessed to be a blessing!

When you read Genesis you will find that Abraham was blessed financially.  The Bible states that Abraham was very rich in livestock, silver and god.  Abraham wasn’t just rich spiritually.  Beloved, God is not against you have having wealth, but He is definitely against wealth having you.

I want to tell you that what keeps you safe for financial success is when you know that your blessings come by Jesus’ grace and not of your own doing.  When you have that revelation, you will no longer be preoccupied with having money because you will be preoccupied with the Lord.  Amazingly, you will realize the more occupied you are with Jesus, the more money follows after you!  Now, why is that?  It is simply because when you seek first the kingdom of God, and put Jesus, His righteousness (not your own righteousness), His joy and His peace as your first priority, God’s Word promises you that ALL the material things that you need will be added to you.

The Lord always gives you money with a mission and prosperity with a purpose.  He blesses you and when you are blessed, you can be a vessel to bless others.  The gospel of grace can be preached, churches can be built, precious lives can be touched, sinners can be born again, marriages can be restored and physical bodies can be healed when you send out the Word of Jesus with your financial support.

I will make you a great nation; I will bless you and make your name great; and you shall be a blessing.   —   Genesis 12:2

The success that we, as new covenant believers, can believe God for is good, holistic success that permeates every aspect of our lives!

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