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Transformed By God’s Favor

June 18, 2011

As I have stated yesterday I believe most people associate Christianity with the Ten Commandments but the Ten Commandments cannot be the only thing that youth and people know about Christianity.  People need a revelation of Jesus’ perfect love for them!

Since most people live by the world and since the Ten Commandments are the main thing that is preached in churches then how can people not think that Christianity is nothing but rules, laws and regulations on what they should or should not be doing?  How can they help but imagine God to be someone who is angry with them and looking for opportunities to punish them?

If people are going to come to Jesus, they will need to know that Christianity is an intimate relationship with a loving God.  As soon as people know this, they will be banging down the doors of churches every Sunday to get in to hear Jesus and His grace preached.

This can only happen when our leaders are preaching on the unmerited favor of God instead of the law of the old testament.

…the goodness of God leads you to repentance…   —   Romans 2:4

Christianity is an intimate relationship with a loving God.

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