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God’s Grace Transforms Us

June 17, 2011

As I have stated several times our only part in the new covenant is to believe.  Therefore if we believe differently and if we believe more strongly in Him then we cannot help but have a deeper revelation of His grace.  It is that grace transforms you and nothing else.  Notice it says supernaturally transformed.  You can be naturally transformed but that is fleeting in this world.  The only way to be supernaturally transformed is a greater revelation of His grace.

Many will still try and associate works with this by saying that you have to do certain things or you have to put in a certain amount of work.  I want to tell you that grace is black and white and so is works.  The law is obsolete and you are either living under the law or you are not.  You cannot kind of, or a little bit, you are either living under the law or you are not.

Would you agree that more Christians today know more about the Ten Commandments than about the new covenant of God’s grace?  In fact if you randomly polled people do you think more people would have knowledge about the Ten Commandments or the new covenant of God’s grace?  The incredibly sad fact is that most people will identify Christians or Christians themselves with the Ten Commandments.  It is sad because the laws given are obsolete but yet the world associates this with God much more than the grace that Jesus had to die for.

It is no wonder our world is decaying.  It is no wonder we are losing our youth.  We shove the Ten Commandments and the law down our youth and peoples throats and it either turns into legalism or it turns people away from Christianity.  Don’t forget that the strength of sin is the law.  The law has no power to stop sin.  The law will never be able to keep people pure, sinless or away from temptation.  The law only makes people understand how short they fall and their need of a savior.  Only a revelation in God’s own sacrifice can give people a new identity as a new creation in Christ Jesus.

When you have a supernatural revelation of God’s grace your desires for this world disappear and your desire will be to live out the true destiny God has set forth for you.  I want to ask you a question then make a statement.

What will lead more people to God; guilt and condemnation through preaching of the Ten Commandments or freedom through preaching of the complete unmerited favor given and available to us all?  It is not a fluffy feel good question getting people to follow Jesus, it is the truth.  In fact preaching on the Ten Commandments is a lie because according to the bible, the cross made the law obsolete.  His grace is your identity and his grace is why you get to succeed in life today.  Understand this more and more each day and just see what happens.

Since you are precious and honored in my sight, and because I love you…   —   Isaiah 43:4

When you catch a revelation of Jesus and just how precious you are in His sight, your life will be supernaturally transformed.

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