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Continue in God’s Grace

June 16, 2011

All of us at some point as Christians were impacted by Christ in a powerful way.  I would argue that at no point were any of us impacted by the law, I would argue that the impact was purely based on His love and grace.  You were blown away by His mercy, you were blown away by His love.  My friends at the point of accepting Christ you are imparted with a tremendous amount of His grace and love and everything turns into sunshine and rainbows at the hour that you call his name.  Do you realize that it does not have to change?  Better question is do you know why it changes?

When people turn to the law instead of His grace the sunshine and rainbows go away and duty, guilt and condemnation come into the picture.  Paul in Galatians warned about following a different gospel instead of the one that they were called in the grace of Christ.  Paul even goes as far to tell us that when we follow a different gospel than the one of the grace of Christ that we pervert the gospel of Christ.  Let me make this very clear; attempting to be justified by the works of the Ten Commandments is a perversion of the gospel of Christ.

Paul asked the Galatians whether they received the Spirit by their works of the law or by hearing of faith?  He goes on to ask if people are so foolish to begin hearing by faith and now trying to be perfect by the flesh (self-effort).  Do not start with grace and end with the law.  Our world is filled with worldly thinking by Christians.  My challenge to you is simple; start with grace and end with grace, don’t start with the new covenant yet turn back to the old covenant.  There are even those who believe they are not justified by the law but believe they should keep the law for sanctification.  My friends let me be crystal crystal clear; both justification and sanctification come by our faith in Jesus’ finished work alone.

My friends start to realize how God sees you.  Too many of us base our worth on our evaluation on how we perform and how they feel about themselves; this never is how God feels about us.  When you realize how loved you are by God and how he sees you, it cannot help but change you and how you look at yourself.  Beloved, we have access all the time to His full blessings simply based on Jesus finished work.  TODAY, think, talk and act knowing that it is not about you or your works — it is about Jesus and Him alone, and step out into His blessings for you!

…Having began in the Spirit, and you now being made perfect by the flesh?   —   Galatians 3:3

Don’t start with grace and end up with the law.  Don’t start with the new covenant, only to turn back to the old covenant.

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