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Freedom From Destructive Habits

June 13, 2011

I cannot even begin to comprehend how many organizations, groups and things that are devoted to reduce or help cope with destructive habits.  Many of these organizations and groups are wonderful things that provide a great service to many people who are hurting very badly.  However I believe there is one thing many of these groups lack when it comes to coping with destructive habits.  The belief that knowing they are completely spotless in Christ is the secret and key to overcoming addictions and destructive habits.  I can speak on this because I have been in many destructive habits and the thing that liberated me the most when I finally realized that I was completely righteous and blameless in God’s sight because of Christ.

Many times when you focus on destructive habits you focus on the habits that you were once in.  Part of your recovery is to be continually conscious of the behavior you are trying to escape, while I think many groups are successful in their treatment of addictions I believe too much focus on the bad habit itself can lead to sin consciousness.  However, if you are focused on who you are in Christ and focused that you are completely righteous and blameless before God, the focus is then on His goodness and your goodness through Him, not what you lack.

Johnny Mercer once sung, “You’ve got to accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative.”  Now I may not be a doctor or be a trained psychologist but I am proficient in God’s favor and I can tell you that from my experience that the key to overcoming bad habits it to focus on who I am because of God’s goodness and less focus on who I was when I was not walking as closely in the presence of God.  The more and more God is in your life (completely by your choice) the more sin and addictions have no place in your life.

When you realize that God loves you unconditionally despite your failures the more and more you will realize there is no condemnation for you.  And no matter what your failures are, in Christ you are still not condemned.  You are once and always washed perfectly by His blood.  This gift happens the second you accept Him and from there on forward.

..And Jesus said to her, “Neither do I condemn you; go and sin no more.”   —   John 8:11

As Jesus is spotless and without blame, so are you in Christ.

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