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The Law of Moses and Me

June 10, 2011

It is strange that so many Christians today refuse this freedom from the bondage of the law. Apparently they believe they can improve on God’s provision. This attitude is evidenced by their desire to live under the law and by their claim that they can keep it. Israel failed miserably under the law for 1500 years. God has conclusively proved man’s inability to keep the law.

He did not give it so people might be saved by it, but to prove that all are sinners ( Romans 3: 19 , 20 ). Anyone who claims that he can keep the law does not have a proper knowledge about the purpose of the law. The law exhibits and expounds God’s law of righteousness, but gives no power to perform it. All it does is condemn us when we fail God. God has set us free, however, through Christ, both from the old Adamic nature ( Romans 6 ) and from the law ( Romans 7 ) that we might be free to live unto God. The law itself can never die.

Also, God’s standards set forth in the law can never be lowered. The law makes a person see his sin, and it condemns him because he is a sinner, but it does not help him to live a godly life. It is necessary, therefore, that a person’s relationship to the law be changed. That is exactly what takes place when a person trusts Christ as Savior and thereby appropriates his death with Christ. Sin no longer has dominion over him because he has died with Christ.

The law no longer condemns him, and he is free from its curse. But God did not free us from the law in order that we might sin without condemnation. Some people believe that if we are free from the law, then we will sin. They feel that the law keeps us from sinning, but they have missed the point of the scriptural teaching entirely. God frees us from the law in order that He might live out His righteousness in us. God has set us free not only from the sin nature but also from the law of condemnation.

This makes it possible for Christ to live His life in us, and thus we live a godly life. Until we understand this truth, we will not have the proper attitude of faith toward Christ. If we feel we must live under the shadow of the law all the time, we will also live under the condemnation of the law all the time. No one who has placed himself under the law and its obligations can live without the pressure of its condemnation.

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