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God’s Robust Peace

June 8, 2011

There is one thing I want to be very clear about.  Peace is not the absence of turmoil of your life.  It is not the absence of turmoil, challenge or things that are not smooth in the physical.  It is still possible to be in the biggest challenge in your life and still have peace.   Peace with Jesus is the kind that surpasses all understanding.  In the natural it does not make sense to have peace during crisis but it does in the supernatural.

The world defines peace as someone lying in a hammock, on a beach with soft music in the background, waves gently crashing toward shore and a drink with an umbrella.  The world calls that peace until reality kicks in, and the transient peace that was experienced just moments ago dissipates into thin air!

You cannot use your external surroundings to permanently influence the turmoil that you are feeling inside.  The Lord gives you internal peace that can influence your external surroundings.  Jesus peace not only allows you to feel at ease during crisis, Jesus peace can also change your outside surroundings.  Don’t believe me?

What if Jesus was more accepted in our world and in our country?  We are in constant crisis and that crisis is fueled by quick decisions based on fear and emotions than anything else.  Most often when our country is in crisis our leaders make quick decisions out of panic that are many times wrong and fueled by the natural realm.  So what if our leaders were influenced and fueled by the Lord?  What if the peace of our Lord ruled in our leaders lives?  Do you think our leaders would make quick, rash decisions based on panic or do you think the peace of Jesus would change things?  If the peace of Jesus ruled our rulers more the decisions would change and the world would change.  Our world would become more supernatural and less natural.  Our world is looking for peace (like the hammock) when in reality the peace exists, we just need to focus on the source of our peace.  Jesus peace can cause us to deal with our surroundings different but it can also influence our surroundings.

.the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.   —   Philippians 4:7

Jesus gives us peace, security, covering and protection even in the midst of a storm.

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