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God Is Satisfied With You

June 2, 2011

How many times have you ponder on the following questions:

  • Is God satisfied with me?
  • Have I done my best?
  • Have I stood the test?
  • Is God satisfied with me?

 Under the old covenant the answer is clearly No.  In society today we are taught that God is not satisfied with us and that He punishes us.  This kind of thinking leads to condemnation and it is no wonder why people have a hard time with God and going to church.  The truth of the matter is this is not true because we do not live under the old covenant of the law; no my friends we live under the new covenant of grace.

When we look to ourselves we see how inadequate we are in our ability and performance, and in ourselves we will never live up to the standards that God would be satisfied with us.  When you focus on yourself you make the cross null and void.  When it is about you it is what you must do and how you must perform.  Frankly, we have not been taught as a society the understanding of the new covenant of grace.

When you think in terms of the new covenant of grace it no longer is about you, it is all about Jesus.  Ok ready for the most important question of them all?

The question to ask is not is God satisfied with me, the question to ask is God satisfied with the cross of Jesus?  The answer is He is completely satisfied.  Therefore because of Jesus and only because of Jesus, God is satisfied with you.  At the cross our acceptance is found when he proclaimed, “It is finished.”  The work is complete and done, God is not basing his feelings toward you based on how you act or perform.  The cross made all the difference, never let anyone make you think you need to pay for your sins.  Your eternal salvation is unshakeable and certain.

When you realize you are accepted it does not change your passions and desires, it just aligns them with God and He directs your steps with His favor and you have full joy and peace because you realize you are accepted no matter how you perform.  How liberating is that?  VERY!!!

…He made us accepted in the Beloved.   —  Ephesians 1:6

God will not punish the believer again, not because He has gone soft on sin, but because all our sins have already been punished in the body of Jesus.

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