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It’s Written On Your Heart

June 1, 2011

God puts His will and his law in the hearts of believers.  You no longer have to go to a prophet to hear God, God speaks to you directly.  God speaks to you through the Holy Spirit.  Many times people will call it their conscious or a feeling but if it is in your heart and you are prompted it is God through His Holy Spirit speaking to you.

With caution I tell most people to still have a mature Christian person who they can counsel with that knows the Word well.  The reasoning is that as an immature Christian sometimes you will feel something and mistake that for God speaking to you.  If you feel something in your heart it probably is from God but the thing to do is go to a mature person in the Lord that knows His word and then ask if that is in accordance with His word.  You do not want to ask the other person what they think, you simply want to ask if what is in your heart is aligned to what His word says.

I say that because I want you to know that God speaks through your heart via the Holy Spirit but I want you to be careful.  When you are more wise you can hear God more clearly but in the beginning it is important to have someone who you trust to discern whether what you are hearing is from God.  For instance if you think God put it in your heart to help the poor, the widow or spend more time with your family then myself or any mature Christian will tell you that God is speaking to you because it is accordance to His word in the new covenant.  However if you are hearing God tell you to go rob a bank so you can have more money to further your ministry then I can absolutely guarantee that myself or any mature Christian will tell you that is not from God because it is not in accordance to His word.  See my point in all of this?

God speaks to you through your heart but it is important to continually seek His wisdom and knowledge to discern His speaking through your heart in accordance with His word and lies being told.

for it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure.   —   Philippians 2:13

God speaks to you directly and He has made it easy for you to know His will through His promptings in your heart.

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