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Know Your Covenant Rights In Christ

May 30, 2011

Know Your Covenant Rights In Christ

Ignorance and lack of knowledge can destroy the best of us.  I cannot think of anything else that hinders people more than ignorance; in this case it is the ignorance of the covenants.  I do not think I can overstate the importance of knowing the difference between the covenants and understanding that you are under the new covenant of God’s grace.

The benefits that Jesus purchased for you on behalf of His blood is enough to cover and help you in all situations of your life.  The problem is people to this day insist on living under the condemnation of the old covenant of the law instead of the liberation of the new covenant of grace.  Grace is distorted and perverted and few understand that it is the will of our Lord and the way Christians should live.  Instead we live under the law of the old covenant and as I have stated before rendering the cross completely useless in our lives.

The gifts today freely are divine protection, health and favor.  We do not need more laws or more order in this world, no what we need is a greater revelation and appreciation for what Jesus accomplished and FINISHED on our behalf.

More laws and more right from wrong simply put us in the consciousness of sin and the the more and more we are under the law and rules the higher the risk for greater sin in the future.  My friends, living under grace and the finished work of the cross is the only way to live a life of peace and joy. 

Which are you going to choose, make today the day that you decide:

Are you going to live by the world’s standard and live under the law and the rules of earthly rules, based entirely how you act and do?

Are you going to live by the grace of God that was poured out on you on the cross so that you can freely receive favor and life no matter how you act?

My friends don’t get me wrong; the law is holy and just but it will not make you holy and just.  The finished work of Jesus is what justifies you and makes you holy before God, nothing you ever do can add to that or change that.  Get it straight in your head today!  Don’t let ignorance and a lack of knowledge rob you of your inheritance today.  Learn what the bible says about the new covenant and change the way you think and live life.

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…   —   Hosea 4:6

What we need is a greater revelation and appreciation of Jesus and everything that He has done for us!

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