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You Are Under The New Covenant Of Unmerited Favor

May 29, 2011

In the scripture today it talks about the old covenant is obsolete.  When something is obsolete it completely vanishes and it is impossible to bring it back.  I believe today that many Christian believers are living under the old covenant of the law.  We are trying to merit our place with God and taking way too many things under our control.  Do you know that when you merit your own outcome that it completely takes Jesus power out of the equation?

When you read the scripture it is not me who is saying this, Almighty God himself is speaking through the scriptures and saying that there is a new way to do things and the old way is completely done.  20 years ago marathon workouts were all the rage, people would spend hours a day in the gym.  Today shorter more intense workouts are the new better ways to do things making the old ways of long training sessions in the gym, obsolete.  When you insist on relying on the law it is like you are the person refusing to workout less and get better results, it is like you are saying that working out an hour is not enough, I am going to try and force better results by working out 3 hours.

In all of Israel not a single person was made righteous under the law, not even David.  David was a man after God’s own heart and was a great leader but even David could not be righteous under the law because of the adultery and murder he committed.  Under the new covenant however you can be made righteous in an instant when you call on the name of Jesus.  Even under the law the best have failed but under grace the worst can be saved.

What does this all mean for us?  It means that we no longer have to depend on our own works to earn God’s blessings, approval and favor.  Today, my friend, we can depend on His unmerited favor for our peace, wholeness and success through Jesus Christ’s perfect sacrifice.

By calling this covenant “new,” He has made the first one obsolete; and what is obsolete and aging will soon disappear.   —   Hebrews 8:13

Under the law, even the best failed.  Under grace, even the worst can be saved!

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