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Righteousness Is Free For You But It Cost God Dearly

May 25, 2011

Whatever you think of Mel Gibson his portrayal of Jesus last days is extremely moving and powerful.  When reading Isaiah 53 you understand how badly He was wounded, beaten, bruised, chastised and punished.  When you watch the movie you understand how incredibly He had to suffer, how much pain He had to endure in those final hours.  I think the most incredible part of the movie is when He collapsed.  After He collapsed He picked himself up and clung to the beating post.  He knew that by His stripes we would be healed.  He knew that in order for us to live completely free He had to take the full punishment.  Not just half punishment but the full punishment.

If you have not seen the movie you owe it yourself.  The beating is so severe and so incredibly cruel.  Jesus was a man but He also understood the magnitude of His death.  He could not take some punishment, He had to take the entire human race in that beating.  I am sure He would have wanted to just quit and die early but He to take it all.  I am going to get to my point in a second but please watch the movie, please watch the punishment He took, please for a second think of how you would feel in that situation, getting beat in that degree, having to carry your own cross and then at the very end get huge spikes driven through your hands and feet.  Just imagine that.

So what is my point?
After you understand the magnitude of the beating you have to ask yourself one question and one question only.  Did Jesus endure all this for nothing?

That is precisely what Christians who insist on trying to earn their own righteousness through the law are saying.

My friend do not frustrate the grace of God in your life by looking to yourself and trying by your own efforts to make yourself righteous before God.  We cannot earn God’s favor and acceptance.  We can only receive righteousness as a free gift from God.  God’s righteousness is a free gift but it cost Him dearly.  Watch the movie and see for yourself!  It is a gift that can only be given freely not because it is cheap, but truly, because it is priceless!

You see, Jesus had no sin of His own, but He took upon Himself all of humanity’s sins.  On the other hand, you and I had no righteousness of our own, but on that cross, Jesus took upon Himself all our sins, past, present and future, and in exchange, gave us His perfect, everlasting righteousness.  Now, is this righteousness that we have received a result of our own works or His work?  It is clear that our righteousness is a result of His work and we can only receive His righteousness through His unmerited favor.

In my opinion below is the clearest definition of Grace in the bible:

And if by grace, then it is no longer of works; otherwise grace is no longer grace.  But if it is of works, it is no longer grace; otherwise work is no longer work.   —   Romans 11:6

There is no middle road.  You are either righteous by God’s grace or you are trying to merit righteousness with your own works.  You are either depending on Jesus or you are depending on yourself.

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