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Know Your Commander In Chief

May 25, 2011

There is quite a few people (including myself at times) that will focus on what the devil is doing and the temptations they are going through and the adversity they are facing.  There are preachers that will spend their entire ministry focusing on demonic side of spirituality.  This continual focus on evil tends to make people very sin and evil conscious, rather than righteousness conscious.

These people will focus a ton on what others are being told by the devil or what the devil is telling them rather than what the Lord has been telling them.  Guess what?  They are tuned in to the wrong frequency!

Do you know the very best way to fight evil?  To simply declare the Lord and magnify Him in your life.  The bible declares, “Let God arise, let His enemies be scattered…”

How about when people say the best military strategy is to know your enemy.  I would say the best strategy is to know you commander in chief and his directives for you!

Does it really matter what your weaknesses are?  Does it really pay to know your enemy?  Or does it mostly matter what your master wants out of you?  If you trust and follow your generals orders, will you not usually prosper all of the time no matter who your enemy is or what your inadequacies are?

Jesus Christ is your commander in Chief in this life and it does not matter what the devil says or what you have been told you are weak with.  When you plug into Him and you fully believe that His presence and grace are with you and you practice His presence I am telling you it will not matter what the devil does or what you lack.

Let God arise, let His enemies be scattered…   —   Psalm 68:1

The best warfare to engage in is to magnify the Lord Jesus in your life.

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