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Be Safe For Success – Keep Your Eyes On Jesus

May 22, 2011

Today’s blog is going to be very short but I wanted to make one thing very clear.  The Lord knows greater what is best for you than you do.  When you lean on your own wisdom, understanding and merits we get what our finite mind understands and knows what is best for us.  These self understandings, wisdom and merits end us unfulfilled and constantly searching for joy, happiness and acceptance.

However when you focus completely on His wisdom, understanding and righteousness He will add it to your account.  When you rely on yourself you make yourself very vulnerable but when you rely on Jesus fully He will give you the kind of success that He wants to give you which never fails.  When you rely on Him and Him alone you are safe for success because the blessings are more than enough and great things are put to your name.

When you have a greater revelation of Jesus righteousness, peace and joy and realize that He will put it to your account you suddenly have less worry and stress and fear.  What Jesus gives you for success may not be what you have planned but it is best for you and it never disappoints.

Every failure I have had is based on my own knowledge but every success I have can be pointed toward the Grace of God.  I often say that I just stop trying to make plans because any plans I set never end up happening as I think.  Why is that?  Because God knows better than me and directs my steps, puts things to my account and grants Grace and Favor in my life when I never deserve it.

My point of this blog is to get you to realize that the more you know about Jesus and His love, mercy and grace the less and less you will depend on your own wisdom and might.

But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added to you.   —   Matthew 6:33

The more you focus on beholding Jesus in all His loveliness and the less you struggle to earn things by your own merits, the more you become safe for greater success.

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