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Secret to Good Success

May 21, 2011

God wants you to have good success, but there is such a thing as bad success?  The answer is yes!

I am going to talk about money for a second.  Let’s take a high level executive for example.  (please note I am not saying all executives are this way)  This particular executive in the world’s eyes has a ton of money, power and has everything anyone would want.  He has a beautiful home, fancy far, beautiful wife and children and is a member of the ritzy country club.  Everything from the outside looks great.  But the cut-throat business world has made him just that.  Now that he has financial success he has to work doubly hard to maintain it.  It means long hours, working on weekends and time away from family.  He does not eat dinner with his family, does not have the ability to play or read to his children bedtime stories or time to spend alone with his wife.  Sure they have dinner parties but there is not the time to actually go out on a date with just him and her; their time out is entertaining clients.  The world sees him as living the American dream but my friends this is not good success in God’s eyes.

Beloved, being a public success but a private failure is not good success at all.  Even if you win the rat race it just makes you the number one rat!  Do you also know that you can be promoted out of your place of blessings?

God’s kind of blessings are financial and promotional but it is so much more.  God’s blessings are putting you in a place of influence, God’s blessings are unexplained promotions beyond your educational qualifications.  Have you ever seen someone incredibly successful and happy but know they do not have the education to back it up?  I have seen it countless times.

When you are in God’s blessing you will be able to influence people toward Christ.  When you are in God’s blessings you will be promoted and not be able to explain it.  When you are in God’s blessings your professional and private life will flourish.  Your relationship with your church, friends and family will all get better.  You will have time for your children and you and your wife or husband will be more in love after year 20 than year 1.  That my friends is the blessings from God.  He will never let you go without in all areas in your life, not just the financial stuff.

The blessing of the Lord makes one rich, and He adds no sorrow with it.   —   Proverbs 10:22

Having financial success alone does not equate to good success.  Good success is holistic and permeates every spectrum of your life.

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