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What A Friend We Have in Jesus

May 20, 2011

It is unfortunate but I have had let many people down in my life and have been a bad friend to many.  I have had many people who have been bad friends to me.  Even the best of friends and the most loyal of my friends have let me down.  Even when I am at my best I let my friends down.

Believe it or not my pastor has let me down and I have let him down.  As a coach I have not been the best coach I could be and have let my clients down.  Although I care for them I have not always been there or encouraged them as well as I could have.

I am here to tell you that Jesus is the best friend you could ever have.  Just think of a friend who never leaves your side no matter what.  Think of a friend who always encourages you who is completely trustworthy and dependable, that is Jesus my friend.

As we know God gave His Son for us and that gift was a free gift.  It was a gift you can never earn.  There is no amount of good works that you can do to earn the presence of Jesus.  There is no number of good works that you can perform to merit His favor.  His presence in your life is a free gift.  Now, because you did nothing to deserve His presence in your life, there is nothing you can do that will cause His presence to leave you.  Once you have have received Jesus into your heart, He will never leave you nor forsake you!

Think about your own friends, do you really think they would be there through thick and thin no matter what?  There are conditions on every human friendship, but a supernatural friendship has no conditions.  The bible talks about a friend that sticks closer than a brother and that man is Jesus.

I love my friends but I honestly cannot say that it is unconditional friendship.  It is nothing against my friends, I just know there are limitations in any human relationship.  However the beauty of any gift is that giving something is not dependent on you.  Jesus is not Santa Claus, he does not judge you on if your bad or good.  Jesus is the ultimate Santa Claus because His gifts never end, are not dependent on your goodness and in Jesus it is Christmas morning every day and whether you choose to go to the Christmas Tree each morning your stocking is full of the blessings of God.  On Christmas how often do you refuse a gift?  Why would you refuse the free gift of grace from God that sits below your Christmas tree every morning?

…there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.   —   Proverbs 18:24

Jesus is a faithful, dependable and trustworthy friend.

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