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Your Fears And Anxieties Dissipate In God’s Presence

May 18, 2011

I tend to be a worrier.  As much as I try and preach to others, worry is one thing that I need to be freed of.  In fact my wife told me to read this several times as this day really speaks to me.

The important thing to remember with God is that His presence does not take the problems away but His presence allows for greater peace in your life and the ability to focus on the problems less.  When you focus on problems less you have the ability to do what needs to be done to get through your problems.  When you trust in God and rest in His presence your problems become small.

It is like God is saying, “I understand that you have a lot to worry about but if you trust in Me, you know I will lead you through this and I will not let harm come to you.  I will bring you through this stronger and do so with a great deal of favor on your life.  So worry if you must but no matter how you feel you are going to be fine.  If you rest in me and my joy I will bring peace to your life and you can go through these trials with a mind at peace instead of a mind of stress.”  I truly believe this is what God is saying.

Many studies have been done on stress and what it does to the body and I am here to tell you that stress is just not necessary.  When you know that God is with you and for you and you put your problems in His mighty hands, you will begin to get a more accurate evaluation of just how “big” your problems are.  When those problems were in your hands they would crush you, but when you involve Jesus, the once-monumental problems become microscopic against the largeness of His love and goodness toward you!

Jesus in your life does not take away life or problems, Jesus in your life, the acceptance of His presence and His acceptance of you simply allows the peace of knowing your problems will be handled.  Resting in this truth can move you from a place of anxiety to peace.  All of us know that a life of peace is a life that is more healthy.

I will be very straight-forward and say that if Jesus is not in your life then you cannot handle your problems but when you accept Him, He will not let your problems crush you.  So, if He never puts you in harms way it really is up to you on whether you choose to live a life of stress and worry or a life of peace that is dependent on the promises of His Word

Jesus is not asking you to psych yourself up and live in a state of denial.  No way!  He is saying to you, “In the midst of your affliction, I am your shield, I am your defender, I am your fortress, I am your refuge, I am your supply, I am your healing, I am your provider, I am your peace, I am your joy, I am your wisdom, I am your strength, I am the glory and the lifter of your head!”

The mountains melt like wax at the presence of the Lord…   —   Psalm 97:5

It takes the presence of the Lord to keep you free from worry.

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