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Start Your Day With Jesus

May 17, 2011

This is a relatively simple topic but it is probably one of the most important topics and discussions in your walk with Christ.  If you start your day with Him and even end your day with Him it will put your mind in a different place.  Practicing His presence throughout the day is important but if you are trying to practice His presence more just start off with doing it first thing in the morning and then again before bed.

Practicing His presence is nothing that it hard or laboring, did you know that just reading this blog is practicing His presence?  Many times I will partake in Holy Communion first thing in the morning and practice His presence with the body and blood.  Many times it is thanking Him for the day, reading a quick verse or watching a Christian program on TV.  The most important way to practice His presence in the morning is to commit your plans to Him.  Simply talk to Him and tell Him what you are going to do like you would to your spouse or friend and just see what He has to say or where He leads you.  If you commit your plans to Him first thing in the morning number one you will have greater peace but secondly He will help you throughout the day in guiding your steps.

Also before bed I will just thank Him for the day, I will declare things about Him and myself that I know to be true or will do some sort of devotion or prayer or something.  Something as small as saying “Thank you, Father.  Your Word declares that no weapon formed against me shall prosper!” It does not have to be long but I try my best to start and end my day in His presence.

Why is this so important?

Because the enemy is there to swoop in during your dreams and there throughout the day.  If you begin your day with things such as the newspaper, talk radio, conversations with people, all kinds of media and blogs or anything that people generally start their day with.  I have absolutely nothing wrong with these things because I partake in them but what I am saying is much of those things have a ton of negative content to them.  When you step in His presence there is nothing negative.  It is no wonder people think wrong or act wrong if the first thing and last thing they are feeding themselves is negativity, gossip, violence, sex, you name it!

Remember Jesus and His blood cleanse you continuously.  Although you are automatically cleansed, stepping into His presence will cleanse your mind and put your thinking in a place that allows you to continuously be blessed by His favour, wisdom and strength.  Always remember that God does not turn off and on our blessings but it is our choice whether or not we are going to be present in His presence.  There is absolutely no way to be in His presence and not be blessed.  My challenge for you today is start and end your day with Him and just see what happens.

It is good to give thanks to the Lord, and to sing praises to Your name, O Most High; to declare Your lovingkindness in the morning, and Your faithfulness every night.   —   Psalm 92:1-2

Start your day with Jesus — practicing His presence, committing your plans to Him and trusting Him for His unmerited favour, wisdom and strength for the day.

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