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It’s Not The End When The Lord Is With You

May 17, 2011

I love the story of Joseph, he was a slave under the rule of an Egyptian leader who worshiped idols.  Joseph’s father believed he was eaten by wild animals and Joseph was in a foreign land knowing absolutely no one.  He was naked and the lowest of the lowest and had zero ability to rely on himself to get out of the situation.  Potiphar (Joseph’s master) however saw something in Him.

We are going to look at something in a second that is going to bless you but think about this world at this time.  Think of someone who has no idea or care of God, how much do you actually think they see God in things?  They call it luck, karma, reaping and sowing, you name it.  So if someone in this world who has no care of God and then suddenly acknowledges his existence, that is pretty incredible right?

Potiphar was much different because he was an Egyptian that only worshiped idols, yet the presence of God was so powerful with Joseph that he could see that the Lord was with Joseph.  He did not say he was a good worker or had good skills, instead he saw God was prospering all that Joseph was doing and could tell that God was with Joseph.  Joseph did nothing and had all the odds stacked against him, the only thing Joseph did was rely on God.

Potiphar had no spiritual discernment because he was not a believer so he had to see something powerful happen in order to give the credit to God.  Whatever he was seeing and whatever favor was on Joseph, the point is Potiphar realized it was not from Joseph doing but yet the favor was strong upon Him from God.  That is what you and I need friends in our lives today!

When you become a Christian you have eternal salvation and you have His presence irregardless of your actions because you accepted Him as your personal Lord and Savior, BUT when His presence is made manifest in your life, that’s when His glory shines forth through you!

You may not feel God’s presence but His presence is always there if you are a believer.  It is important to know He is always there and will never leave you but it is just as important to allow His presence to flow through your life, take over your life and control your life.  If you do you will receive favor and blessings like those of Joseph.  Nothing and I mean nothing will be too small or too big.  The breakthroughs you are looking for is the manifestation of His presence in your life!

And his master (Potiphar) saw the Lord was with him (Joseph) and that the Lord made all he did to prosper in his hand.  —   Genesis 39:3

When God’s presence is made manifest in your life, that’s when His glory shines forth through you!

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