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Saving You Is God’s Job Description

May 15, 2011

This blog post is not long enough for me to go into depth about the different names for God but if you study the Hebrew you will notice the many names for God.  The name “JESUS” is Yeshua in Hebrew, which contains an abbreviation for Yahweh, the name of God in Hebrew, so the name “JESUS” literally means “Yahweh is our Savior” or “The Lord is our Savior”! I do not want to get into that because these things are important to a deeper revelation of who Jesus is and the nature of which He was concealed in the Old Testament, we will not focus on them because the point I want to make is for you to realize that Jesus is your savior in all areas of your life, not just salvation.

When you call on the name of Jesus you literally are calling on the name of God Almighty Himself.  There is no high priest, there is no curtain that separates you from His presence, there is not just one person one time per year that may go into His presence, He is there for you at all times and you may call on His name whenever you want.  However I want to make one thing very very clear.

God can be all powerful, but if you are not confident that He is interested in your success, His power would mean nothing to you.

My friends that is the beauty of free will.  Most people misunderstand God, but God is 100% able to be present and make a difference in your life and He is more powerful than you or I can possibly understand.  But it is up to you to believe that He is that powerful but yet that personal.

Did you know that the continual confession of sins only leads to a consciousness of sin instead of the saving grace of Jesus, same holds true for repentance.

My point with the comment is Jesus will first save you from all of your sins and give you everlasting life but THEN he will save you from all of your challenges.  God is interested in saving you, not reminding you of what you lack.  It no longer matters what you lack because you have His Son.  God does not stop at just saving you and letting you go, He understands that you have challenges in this life that you need to be freed from and saved from and He is equally interested in those issues as much as He was when you accepted Him.  We need to see Him in all of our situations and then realize that He is interested in saving us and liberating us from that situation.

With full confidence I can tell you that Jesus is wanting and able to save you from any areas that you are struggling with.  I am here to tell you that Jesus is interested in that and can save you from that situation. Right believing always leads to right living. The key for you today is to believe that Jesus is all-powerful, all-caring and all-in for you.  If you believe that and you call on Him, He will save you.

This means that if you have struggled your entire life, God will liberate you and save you from that situation.  Why?  Because God blesses you so you can be a blessing to others.  Do you really think God wants you to be poor?  How can people bless others and impact the world for Him when they in debt?  How can people show others how to reign in life when they are so consumed of a negative self image and guilt and condemnation?  He does not want you there and simply believing and calling on His name is a guaranteed way of being saved from your situation.

But while he thought about these things, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream, saying, “Joseph, son of David, do not be afraid to take to you Mary your wife, for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Spirit.  And she will bring forth a Son, and you shall call His name Jesus, for He will save His people from their sins.”   —   Matthew 1:20-21

Jesus is your Savior!

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