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God is Able and Willing

May 15, 2011

There are a couple of really important things I want to cover today.  First off I think most Christians and many non-Christians will believe that God has the power and capabilities to bless, heal, protect, prosper and make someone a success but the breakdown for most is their believe toward themselves.  I do not think I am exaggerating when I say that most Christians struggle with believing that God actually wants to bless, heal, protect, prosper and make someone a success.

This is a very honest blog and website and I will tell you that I have struggled at times if God is willing in my life.  The more and more He blesses me and the more and more undeserved I am because of my screw-ups the more and more I realize I am qualified and that He is actually willing.  I think it happens with us a lot when we look at others being blessed or healed.  I think it is natural to say “Wow, that is great, but could God really do that for me?”  or “Why would God do that for me when He can see all and see how undeserved I am?”

My friends that is exactly the point.  The beauty of God in the New Covenant is that it does not depend on you at all, it completely depends on Him.  And because it is finished you cannot turn off or around something that is already done.  The decision was made, the act was done and blessing are FREE for you because of His blood.  Under the New Covenant we are qualified because of the blood and the sacrifices.  The New Covenant essentially states that all the glory, power and blessings of Jesus are ours because it was given to us, in addition to this all of our sins are nailed on the cross and He has taken all of them.  Just does not seem fair huh?  Well it is true my friends!

Lets get away from this thinking:
“Look at my life, look at my mistakes and imperfections, look at everything I have failed at and people that I have hurt, I do not feel worthy of God’s blessing and no matter what anyone tells me I do not think I will ever deserve what I see others get.”

Lets move to this thinking:
“Jesus you are completely God and completely man, you are all powerful and loving.  You cared about me so much that you made the final sacrifice that needed to be made and you laid down your life for me.  You died so I may be free.  Your blood covers every single one of my sins and yet I get to share in every blessing that is yours.  Thank you for making me righteous before God, thank you for loving me unconditionally and because I believe in your promises I can live confidently that great things are coming my way because you are blessed and great and because I am in you there is no way that my life cannot be great and blessed as well.”

One final example:
Lets look at the Leper in book of Matthew.  It says the Leper found Jesus and asked Him if He was willing to heal him?  We need to keep in mind that in Jesus time Lepers were such outcasts and the disease was so contagious that the law forbade them from coming in contact with anyone.  It made it almost impossible for a Leper to go out in public and the risk of going out in public was very very risky.  On top of that this Leper was approaching the God Almighty.  Still, the Leper was not confident, he still had to ask Jesus if He was willing.  Jesus did not turn him away, He still healed him.  Jesus has this attitude with us today.  Even if you doubt and still call on His name He is still willing.  However as you start to see grace and accept it, faith starts to grow and your confidence in God’s willingness grows as well.  Now if the biggest outcast could approach Jesus and be healed, think about what that means for you today?  It means that even if you doubt you can still approach Him and He will listen.  He will bless you and your faith will grow!

The problem is never if God is willing, the problem is always what you believe.  Believe in Him and His promises in the New Covenant and be very very wary of teachings that do not support the Gospel of Grace.  Legalism and works are not a part of the Gospel of Grace.   Also the next time you see someone being blessed do not ask yourself what they have done because honestly they have done nothing.  It is always God and peoples eternal blessings are because He is good not you.  Never question if you are qualified, you are qualified because of what Jesus has done on the cross!

And behold, a leper came and worshiped Him, saying, “Lord, if You are willing, You can make me clean.”  Then Jesus put out His hand and touched him, saying, “I am willing; be cleansed.”  Immediately his leprosy was cleansed.   —   Matthew 8:2-3

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