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Jesus is Interested in Your Success

May 14, 2011

As we talked about yesterday, Jesus is interested in every aspect of your life.  He is in everything that you do whether you see Him or not.  He also cares about everything in your life and that includes the desires of your heart, even the very very slightest.

Do you think the Lord says; “Why are you bothering me with this little request, don’t you know that I have a universe to worry about?  Come back to Me when you have a tragedy or a friend or family member has something big to deal with.”  This is absolutely not true.  Don’t treat an Infinite God with a finite mind.  Although it is impossible for us to understand the God Almighty has that kind of interest it is true.

One of the most incredible revelations I ever had was when even when I try and hide God knows every thing about me (every hair on my head) but even with Him seeing all my bad sides He still loves me and accepts me unconditionally.  That my friends is something I can live with and a picture of pure and total Grace.

Yesterday I said to meditate on Him and His Word and to include Him in everything.  Most churches and religions get it wrong.  There is no more guilt and condemnation, only guilt and condemnation imposed by others and by self.  God never ever looks negatively on you anymore and nothing is too small or petty for Him.  If you meditate on Him and you realize He is interested in the smallest details of your life you will begin to include Him and trust Him in every area of your life.

When you include more of Jesus in your life His favour rests more greatly on you.  It is a favor you do not deserve, it is a favor you cannot earn or merit and it is a favor that will perfect every imperfection and weakness in your life.

You should be formulating a clear vision for what you are wanting.  You then should put together a strategy to accomplish that vision and then have a great support system around you.  You will fail doing this usually because of many factors.  Whether it be a clear vision, the right strategy or just not believing you can, whatever it is by yourself you will ultimately end up failing.  But if you include Jesus in your plans and meditate on Him because you realize He cares, I can absolutely guarantee you that your goals will become crystal clear and you will have the right people put in your life with the right amount of strength to accomplish any goal that you may have.

“Let the Lord be magnified, who has pleasure in the prosperity of His servant.”   —   Psalm 35:27

If it matters to you, it matters to Him!

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