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The Power of Looking to Jesus

May 13, 2011

One of the most remarkable stories in the New Testament is when for a split second Peter walks on water.  The most important thing to remember in that instance is that he is able to do the impossible when his eyes are being set on Jesus.  The second he takes his eyes off Jesus he sinks.  However one thing in the story is mostly overlooked but very important; The Weather.

The Weather on that day was very very rough.  So the question begs, if the storm was calmed would Peter have been able to walk further because of better weather conditions?  The answer is obviously no.  The only reason why Peter could do what he did was because he was fixated and completely focused on Jesus.  How much does that say for our personal life?

When you focus on Jesus you can get through whatever storms you are going through and have success no matter what you are facing. When you rely on yourself, your doing and your works you will fail because you will sudden realize how inadequate you are.

The most important thing to remember is:  As Jesus is, so are you in this world!

Is Jesus successful and able to overcome temptation?  Yes and so are you!  Was Jesus able to be successful and accomplish his mission in spite of severe obstacles and ridicule from the outside?  Yes and so are you!

When you have a relationship with Jesus and see His face, His nature, His strength, His wisdom, what Jesus has is yours and can be yours if you believe it.  In fitness there is a tremendous pressure on accomplishing goals, pressure from the outside world to live up to what society calls normal and all kinds of things that makes getting in shape a tremendously difficult thing for most people.  Remember that getting in shape is quite easy.  It requires moving, exercising and watching what you eat.  Getting in shape is not conforming to what society calls normal, getting in shape is outward works BECAUSE OF an inward transformation in your spirit.  Getting in shape is a witness to the world that you are reigning in your own life and living life to its fullest.

One thing I want to be very very clear about though is working out and getting in shape is not that difficult.  It does not require the strictest of diets, hours of working out or the perfect plan.  It simply requires that you do a bit more than you used to do.  You move more than yesterday and you eat less.  Being fit is not about your image or identity, being in shape is a reflection of Jesus in you.  When you simply rest in the fact that all wrongdoings were nailed on the cross the pressure of living up to this world goes away.  When you focus on Jesus you worry less and less what this world thinks and you reflect more and more who Jesus is.

I tell one thing to my fitness clients.  Fall in love with fitness.  Yes you will look better and be more confident but that is not the reason why you get fit.  You get fit because you are reigning in this life and you being physically fit and in shape shows the world that.  Help be in this revolution with me where how we look is secondary to the fact that we are in shape because we are a reflection of Jesus and because of Jesus finished work alone we can live free.

So I am going to ask a very unique question.  Would Jesus be able to overcome temptation of food, go to the gym and be in good shape and give the glory to his father and not this world?  Yes and so can you!

But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as by the Spirit of the Lord.  —  2 Corinthians 3:18

We must become Christ-occupied not self-occupied!

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