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Meditate on Jesus and Experience Good Success

May 13, 2011

As you understand our ministry and hearts you will understand that I do not believe in laboring or works to identify or qualify you for success. I believe there is nothing wrong with hard work but I believe the hard work becomes much more genuine and productive when you actually want to or love the purpose or reason why you are working hard.

Let’s look at Jesus for a second. By all accounts he was a hard working man. He prayed long hours, fasted for long periods of time and probably spent countless hours preaching and teaching. But the question arises; did Jesus do this because He felt that if He worked extremely hard that His ministry would be more productive and meaningful or did He work hard because He loved the Father and His love was motivating Him?

My point is you can sustain hard work, dedication and discipline when you have a sincere purpose and love behind what you are doing.  The best way to do this in my opinion is to know Jesus and meditate on his Word.  Does this mean you have to have a stop watch so you do certain amounts of praying or meditation for certain amounts during the day?  Does this mean that you have to read a certain scripture on a certain plan for a certain amount of time per day?  Absolutely NO!!!

It simply means that you find a Word in His book and then you think about it.  You simply take a truth that Jesus has put in your heart and you just repeat it to yourself throughout the day.  Heck, just reading my blog is meditating on Jesus.  Simply saying “I am the Righteousness of God in Christ” throughout the day or when you are tempted in meditating on the truth and Word of God.  Telling your children that they are deeply loved because of Him and then telling your kids that all the time is a meditation toward Jesus.

We need to break these religious strongholds and understand who Jesus really is and also understand that meditation can bring forth remarkable success in every single thing we do.  Remember that God is interested in all areas of your life and wants to see you succeed in all areas.

God is a giving god and he wants His children to be successful.  He does not want you poor and will give you financial blessings and health blessings.  But a person who is never home or neglects his children to make millions is not blessings that come from the Lord.  Likewise, He will give you the strength and desire to take care of your body but He will not put you in a position to abuse your body, neglect those around you or give you arrogant pride about how you look.  When you realize it comes from Him you no longer have anything to be arrogant or prideful about.

Remember God will never cause you to do anything that takes you out of His blessings.  Pride, arrogance and greed come from self and not Him.  The more and more you rest in Him, the more you meditate on His promises and Word and likeness, the more and more everything in your life is fulfilled more than you can possibly understand.

Know Him more, rest in His Word more and see supernatural changes in your life.  This is why it is so important to check how you believe and analyze if this is who Jesus actually is.

So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God (Christ).   — Romans 10:17

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